The Big Issue CEO Selling

Amanda Hunt, John Berger, John, Pat (2)

John Berger, our CEO, worked for change by ‪CEO SellingThe Big Issue Australia for International Vendor Week this morning alongside one of our residents, outside Dome Cafe Westralia Plaza. The CEO Selling Campaign is part of International Vendor Week, an international celebration of street paper vendors around the world and highlighting the challenges of homelessness!

Here’s John’s experience of selling the Big Issue:

‘I have always thought The Big Issue is good read and I often purchase one on my travels. When I was asked to participate in the CEO Selling challenge – I thought why not! Out we went onto the Terrace with a fellow vendor – Pat who has been doing this for a year. Well was I in for a surprise – it was hard work!

Most people walked by as if you were not there and even if you tried to say “good morning” they would continue on without any acknowledgement! There was only the occasional good morning back – let alone any interest in buying the magazine!  Dome Cafe Westralia Plaza  supported me in my efforts by giving me vouchers for a free coffee to any sales! Not even this incentive lured the buyers in!!

I now have a new appreciation for the work the vendors do – it takes real commitment, persistence and dedication to make it happen – well done to Pat who has out there everyday. I take “my hat off” to them and will make sure I have an extra chat to them because it is lonely out there on the street!’