St Bart’s Catering Success at Shakespearean Event

On Friday 22 of April, St Georges Cathedral held a Shakespearean event to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death to a sell out crowd of 480 people.

13043537_1697808883812723_4352030496064847419_n Photograph courtesy of Shakespeare 400 Perth Festival

Some of Perth’s well known Shakespearean thespians performed popular Scenes from his most popular and celebrated works.

The evening was broken up into three sections with two, 40 minute performances inside the cathedral at the beginning and end and one 40 minute performance in-between occurring outside on the Cathedral grounds.

It was in this middle time slot that St Barts made available meals to purchase to suit the theme of the event

Ten volunteers worked hard, peeling, chopping, dicing and cooking to prepare  approx. 150 serves of Elizabethan stew ( based on an original recipe  from the period) and 100 serves of “Pease pottage “ (a hardy peasant  pea soup popular in Elizabethan times ) . These were served with a side of bread, cheese and custard tart, also popular fare at the time.

The meals proved popular selling out, raising $1800 on the night.

So a big Thank you to our fantastic volunteers Richard, Linda, Simon, Cherri, Glenn, Jill, Jerry, Libby, Pete, Kylie , Bronagh, Jill, Helen, Geraldine and Brook whose hard work and dedication made this event possible and a successful night for St Bart’s.

Volunteers at Shakespeare event Volunteers at Shakespeare event2

Further information on the event can be found at: @S400Perth