Client stories


“I’ve been fortunate for most of my life. I went to Methodist Ladies’ College and I trained to be a specialist music teacher.

“I was incredibly shocked to find myself homeless; basically after 18 years of marriage, my former husband left me – but not before ripping me off. I couldn’t pay the mortgage, so I moved into a rental property. But it wasn’t long before I couldn’t pay rent so I started sleeping in my car. The property manager was lovely and gave me the number of St Bart’s. It was great to move into their women’s service accommodation. The staff are outstanding, they are completely devoted and have much humour and wisdom. It gave me breathing space, and with their help I moved into a rental. I’m very grateful to now have a place of my own where I’m happy and safe.

“St Bart’s help came as an enormous relief. They gave me a platform to spring off – it was St Bart’s that saved me.”