Homelessness is on the rise but you can help

St Bart’s is calling on the WA public to tell our Government that we need to take action on the rising number of homelessness by supporting the work we do, which is providing critical housing and support services for men, women and children experiencing homelessness, and joining initiatives such as the Everybody’s Home campaign and #EndHomelessnessWA.

Source: Everybody's Home campaign

Source: Everybody’s Home campaign

Ten years ago, Rudd’s Government committed to halve Australia’s homelessness by 2020 through early intervention methods, supporting homelessness services and more affordable housing.

Launch Housing’s Australian Homelessness Monitor and the recently released 2016 Census statistics demonstrate the opposite has occurred – homelessness is on the rise and has been increasing since 2011, particularly ‘rough sleeping’.

The latest federal budget has done nothing to address the issue. Instead, there have been cuts in social and affordable housing.

The Abbott government cancelled the National Rental Affordability Scheme and the cost of emergency services for those experiencing homelessness has risen by 29 per cent over the past four years, which is predicted to cost the health system more than $1 billion by 2020.

State and Territory Governments’ investment in social housing has dropped by 7 per cent since 2012-13.

As stated in The Conversation’s article, Homelessless: Australia’s shameful story of policy complacency and failure continues: “The Australian government needs to reconfirm recognition of homelessness as a social issue that must not be ignored. It needs to re-engage with the problem, starting with a coherent strategic vision to reduce the scale of homelessness by a measurable amount within a defined period.”

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