Anglican community rallies to help St Bart’s expand our Women’s Service

The Anglican community of Perth has continually demonstrate Christian values and a sense of sisterhood as they come together to support our Older Women’s Service, which has now expanded from supporting 16 women experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness to 32 women this year. We can now support these women 24/7 and our volunteers have been a very valuable part of the expansion.

Anglican Community Fund executive officer Ian Leverington said they were ‘very pleased to be a donor and supporter of St Bart’s for many years’ now.

“Our recent financial contribution to St Bart’s was used to expand their services to older women which doesn’t receive any government funding at present. It’s great to know that our contribution really made a difference and helped out women in need of accommodation and support. Besides our financial contribution we recently provided an information session to inform St Bart’s clients on budgeting and looking after money. We hope our contribution is part of the solution to end homelessness,” Mr Leverington said.

All Saints Anglican ladies

The amazing women from the All Saints community have also been providing invaluable support to residents in our women’s service for more than two years, and raising funds for St Bart’s for many years.

They’ve volunteered with activities from hosting morning teas for special events such as Women’s Health Week and White Ribbon Day, sorting and organising donated items, assisting with Market Day, and providing Christmas Gifts and other donations.

Their dedication to our clients has assisted in boosting confidence and providing opportunities for social engagement and connection for women experiencing homelessness. Our clients are thankful for the time and kindness they give. And so are we.