A gift for giving

The tables were laid with flowers and delicious baked goods provided by All Saint’s Anglican Parish, while the ladies at our Women’s Service presented Elizabeth Perron, Chair of the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation, with a painting they had created, titled Tree of Life.

The morning was filled with chatter and laughter, as parish members, staff, management and residents connected in a heart-warming display of appreciation for the financial support given by the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation. Elizabeth took the time to express the Foundation’s gratitude for the opportunity to be involved with St Bart’s Women’s Service, before being presented with an original artwork created by the ladies.

St Bart’s Women’s Service has had the privilege of assisting many women in their journey out of homelessness, including Alex:

“I am a strong woman. I have led a stable life, have been married for 31 years and am well educated and travelled. Due to illness, I was unable to continue to work, which started a chain of unfortunate events that led to my situation. Not only did I find myself homeless, I was friendless, unemployed, experiencing age discrimination and falling between the cracks of every place I went to for help.
Things started to change for me from the moment I came into St Bart’s. It offered me a safe place where staff and volunteers foster an environment of healing from life’s traumas. They are amazing ambassadors for us, fighting for our rights and to be treated with grace, dignity and respect from society. But most importantly, they help us fight for it within ourselves.”

The Women’s Service is fully funded by our giving community of corporate partners and philanthropists, however, we hope to change that in future with government support.

If you would like to volunteer or make a tax-deductable contribution to helping women, men and children experiencing homelessness, you can donate or contact us on (08) 9323 5100.