Brown Street Redevelopment

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St Bartholomew’s House is proposing to provide affordable housing for the broader community.

We need your help to reach $25 million.

For some time, St Bartholomew’s House has been receiving increasing requests for accommodation from couples, families, elder women and elder couples along with people who are on low incomes.

To meet this need St Bart’s is proposing a redevelopment of 78 Brown Street, the aim is to deliver as much flexibility as possible, allowing for the widest range of accommodation options to be provided. The proposed apartment mix will include one 70 one-bedroom, two bedroom units and disability access units.

The project aims to deliver affordable housing with a range of housing types with a particular focus on accommodating key workers and low income earners including over 55′s, singles, couples and families, including single parents.

A sustainable and diverse community

Key benefits of the project will include:

  • Providing a flexible housing model able to accommodate a variety of user groups, yet within a cost effective building design.
  • Accommodating key workers who provide essential services to the community in what is otherwise a less affordable, inner city location.
  • Accommodating single parents who have the least options for affordable rentals.
  • Accommodating a growing demographic over 55 who have minimal assets and struggle to find suitable low cost rental accommodation, putting them at risk of long term homelessness.
  • Providing accommodation which provides a range of short, medium and long term housing solutions for its tenants;
  • Creating a sustainable community – who take ownership of their individual tenancies and shared amenities. Low maintenance is a significant consideration for a facility of this kind.

We need your support

This exciting new project, one that takes St Bart’s into a new direction in its mission in assisting the homeless of today rebuild their lives, and acting to prevent the homeless of tomorrow, provides an opportunity for St Bart’s to engage in new relationship with government and corporate sponsors as we seek to fund the $20 million projected cost of the project.

Further information

St Barts understands that this project will only be successful if we receive significant contributions from individuals and organisations. We have prepared a detailed project prospectus that provides information on the project background, rationale and measures of success.

To learn more about this project please contact our Community Relations Manager on  (08) 9323 5111 or email