Accommodation Services

St. Bartholomew’s House Accommodation Service offers secure accommodation and support services for single men aged over 18 years, families and intensive support for those experiencing, or at risk of  homelessness.

We provide short-term accommodation to people who need some time;

  • to re-adjust or rehabilitate themselves after a social crisis; or
  • to find long term accommodation options.

Our aim is to assist in the transition from homelessness to independent living within the wider community.

General enquiries should contact the main reception on 9323 5100.


Male Only – Crisis & Transitional Accommodation Program

Supported accommodation for single men aged over 18 years.


We accept self-referrals and walk-ins however we do encourage any prospective residents to call first and complete a telephone interview. This also gives us the opportunity to advise if there are any current vacancies and if we require a referral to be completed.

Accommodation & Admission Inquiries: 9323 5100.

Fax number for referrals or Financial Support: 9221 5677

Location & Mailing Address: 7 Lime Street, East Perth WA 6004 (next to Claisebrook Station and City Farm)


Admissions are completed from 8.00am to 5.00pm, five days a week.  An appointment time will be provided for clients being admitted to the service.

On admission all Residents will be initially  accommodated in the crisis accommodation.

Those who have no current finances on admission will be supported to seek financial assistance through other support services.


  • Male over 18 years
  • Ability to reside within a shared living environment
  • Ability to live within requirements of the service
  • Has income of income, either through government benefits or other means
  • Ability to manage medication and mental health or engage with supports to achieve this

Clients with higher support needs, referral from prison, hospital or rehab, or diagnosed mental health require a referral form to be completed.


A referral form must be completed for service users with a mental health diagnosis, returning from Hospital, Rehab or Prison, or with a specific high care need.

Click here to access the referral form.

The referring service is required to complete a referral request form with the resident outlining the prospective Resident’s details and submit this by;


A security deposit of $50 is required.

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The cost of crisis accommodation includes 3 meals a day and provision of basic toiletries and tea and coffee on arrival. The cost of transitional rooms is non inclusive of meals and residents are provided with utensils to self cater.

St. Bartholomew’s House

The Service

Crisis accommodation – 12 beds

Crisis accommodation is available for up to 28 days, during which time the clients needs will be assessed and a crisis intervention plan implemented to assist.  Clients are provided with a private bedroom, shared bathroom facilities, laundry facilities, designated smoking areas and three meals a day. A communal activities space and TV room is available for all crisis residents. Thereafter Residents will be assessed as to their stability and support needs to identify appropriate referral pathways. The activities program is also available for interested residents.

Support staff are available for support, advocacy, advice and provision of resources on a daily basis from 0700 to 2330.


Transitional Accommodation

Transitional Accommodation – 42 beds (entry point through crisis program)

Clients who choose to be part of the program will be provided with a private room with en-suite and TV, communal laundry facilities and self catering facilities in the communal kitchen located on each floor. Each floor only accommodates nine residents therefore providing a quiet, private and stable environment for residents to reflect on their progress. All residents on the transitional program will be provided with, and expected to participate in, one on one case management on a weekly basis to provide advice, advocacy, emotional support and develop an individualized case management plan to aid residents in moving on and into a more independent life.

Crisis accommodation

Case Management

Assisting our clients with accessing the services and supports they are entitled to, is one of our main focuses at St Bart’s.

Case management is a process of working with the client on an individual level and focuses on their needs, goals, and developing flexible strategies to assist them to achieve their goals. Empowering our clients to make positive changes is the aim of our Case Management program. St Bart’s uses the Outcome Star to support clients through journey of change.

Activities Program

Our team works in partnership with external agencies, including Reclink, to provide a range of activities for residents to take part in. We recognise the importance of social interactions and development of new skills to contribute to the case management and growth process. We have a team of dedicated volunteers who assist in facilitation of the activities program.



Specialist Services

St Bart’s works with a range of services to provide specialist support for those accommodated with us.

Health & wellbeing;

  • Homeless Health Care weekly visits
  • Registered Nurse ‘Reach’ Program weekly visits
  • AOD counsellor

Other programs in Accommodation Services

Street to Home

Contact; Enquries for Street to Home 9323 5100

The Street to Home program is focused on supporting rough sleepers and those with complex needs. The program is made up of seven agencies who provide assertive outreach workers and housing support workers to link in and support those in need and enable them to obtain and sustain independent accommodation. Initial contact is through the Assertive outreach Teams who visits local areas where rough sleeping is common. After around 3 months of working with a client they then introduce the Housing Support worker to take them on the rest of the journey. St Bart’s Housing Support Workers collaborate with the Assertive Outreach Worker to develop case management plans that assist clients to secure and maintain accommodation.


  • Identify with multiple issues impacting on situation of homelessness
  • Rough sleeping and linked to assertive outreach team or,
  • Rough sleeping and entering St Bart’s crisis and transitional accommodation
  • Willing to engage for 6 month period.

Housing Support Workers source adequate accommodation for clients, supporting them each step of the way. They work with residents for approximately 6 months, supporting them in many aspects of day to day living and covering a myriad of supplied services, addressing each individual’s unique and complex needs.

Family Accommodation – Bart’s Plus

Supported Transitional Accommodation for families

Contact; Accommodation enquiries for families 9323 5100 or 9349 5394

Bart’s on  Tuart & Bart’s on Ballajura

We provide a community based family supported accommodation service for small families and single parents who require low levels of support. Accommodation is available for up to 12 months, during which time a case worker is available to support parents to create community networks, tackle individual issues and seek appropriate long term accommodation. At Bart’s on Tuart, there are 7 x  two bedroom, fully furnished and self contained  units offering transitional accommodation. Bart’s on Ballajura provides 2 x four bedroom houses for larger and more independent families, or those who have moved through Bart’s on Tuart and are ready to move on but still require some support. Please note: This is not crisis accommodation and there is a waiting list for vacancies.


  • Referrals can be submitted by the DCP officer involved with the family.
  • Individual referrals will be considered.
  • Ability to manage a tenancy with low level support

Click here to access the referral form


Rent is calculated based on the family income.

The Service:

  • Access to Case Management Support
  • Community Living
  • Access to one on one and group activities for families and parents

Older Women’s Service

The aim of our Older Women’s Service is to provide safe, secure and affordable accommodation for females aged fifty years or over, who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

Eligibility Criteria

Females, aged fifty years or older are eligible to be referred to St Bart’s Older Women’s Service. Eligible people can self refer or be referred by external Agencies to our Older Women’s Service.

To be eligible for Older Women’s accommodation Service, applicants must be female, aged fifty years or older and must;

  • have a regular source of income e.g. Centrelink Payments, wages etc.
  • be homeless or at risk of homelessness or be residing in inappropriate accommodation that is detrimental to their health and wellbeing.
  • be able to live independently (with external support if required )
  • applicants requiring external support to sustain their accommodation will be required to demonstrate that such support is in place or be agreeable to be referred by St Bart’s staff to appropriate external support services.
  • be able and willing to live in a shared accommodation environment.
  • be willing to abide by the terms of the Licence to Occupy and the Rights and Responsibilities Agreement.
  • be residing in Western Australia at the time of application and allocation of accommodation.

Please contact the Older Women’s Service Coordinator if you require further information  –

Referral Process

Applicants, who met the requirements of the criteria, are eligible to be referred for accommodation. They can self refer or be referred by general practitioners, hospitals and external agencies.

Click here to access the referral form – Referral Form Older Women’s Service

Length of Stay

  • Residents will be able to stay for up to a maximum of 12 months.

Accommodation Rates

Hawaiian HouseSingle Room with ensuite;

  • Pension (30%) – $396.00 per fortnight (includes $60.00 utilities per fortnight).
  • New Start (30%) – $336.00 per fortnight (included $60.00 utilities per fortnight)

Peter Hodge Unit Single Room  (shared facilities)

  • Pension (25%) – $350.00 per fortnight (includes $50.00 utilities per fortnight)
  • New Start (25%) – $300.00 per fortnight (includes $50.00 utilities per fortnight)

Key Deposit

All residents are required to pay $100.00 Key Deposit, refundable when vacating providing the key is returned, the room is left clean and there is no damage done by the resident to St Bartholomew’s House property.


  • Due to health regulations, pets are not allowed to be kept on the premises.