Mental Health Support Services

St Bart’s Mental Health Support Services coordinate accommodation for people living with a mental illness who need 2-4 hours support per day in order to live independently in the community.

St Barts Aged Care

Community Recovery Villages


Community Recovery Villages (CRVs) are medium to long term accommodation for people living with a mental illness who need 2-4 hours support per day in order to live independently in the community.

Entry Criteria

All residents of the CRV’s must -

  • Be referred by the local mental health service
  • Be aged between 18 – 65 on entry
  • Be living with a mental illness
  • Have support needs of  between 2 – 4 hours per day
  • Have the desire to live in the CRV
  • Have provided informed consent
  • Have significant links to the area
  • Be homeless or at risk of homelessness (may be living with elderly parents/family and be at risk of losing their tenancy)


The CRVs are developments of fully furnished one, two or three bedroom units

  • Each site can house between 22 – 25 residents
  • All bedrooms are single occupancy and have private bathroom facilities
  • Each unit  has a dining/kitchen area, a lounge area, a laundry and a store
  • There is a separate staff unit, which is also the office
  • Staff on site 24 / 7
  • 2-4 hours support per day with everyday living skills

Length of Stay

  • For some as their level of independence and confidence grows, they may move to other accommodation
  • If a persons circumstances change they will be helped to find new accommodation


Accommodation Rates

  • The rent  will be 25% of your income, plus any rent assistance that you are entitled to
  • There is an additional utilities charge to cover the cost of electricity, gas and water
  • There is a bond payable, equivalent to four weeks’ rent
  • A small charge will be made each week to cover furniture and equipment replacement.


Arnott Villas
Address 20 Arnott Court Kelmscott WA 6111
Ph 9390 0222
Fax 9390 0555
Mob 0402 212 041
Bentley Villas
Address 1 Channon Street Bentley WA 6107
Ph 9258 7676
Fax 9358 5040
Mob 0402 186 503
Sunflower Villas
Address 15 Limosa Close Stirling WA 6017
Ph 9204 1772
Fax 9204 1887
Mob 0421 977 064
Swan Villas
Address 91 Patterson Drive Middle Swan WA 6056
Ph 9250 7313
Fax 9250 7124
Mob 0423 775 113

Referral Forms

Please download and print the appropriate referral form;

Referral Form for Community Recovery Villas

Transitional/Respite Accommodation Units


This service provides short term community based traditional or respite accommodation for adults aged 18 years and older who are living with a mental illness.

People referred to this service may be experiencing a social crisis, require respite or be homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Crisis/Respite Accommodation Units

Entry Criteria

All potential residents must -

  • Be referred by a recognised health service.
  • Have a referral form completed by the referring agency.
  • Have a nominated Case Manager who will provide clinical supervision and support.

In addition the Case Manager will be responsible to provide any clinical care which is required, i.e.

  • injections, arranging prescriptions or doctors appointments;
  • assistance to the person in finding long-term accommodation;
  • have regular contact with the resident whilst at the unit.

Crisis/Respite Accommodation Units


The accommodation is provided over three pairs of duplexes owned by the Department of Housing and leased by St Bart’s.

  • Each facility has six single rooms.
  • Located close to the mental health services in Bentley, Midland and Rockingham/Kwinana.
  • Residents are assisted with daily living activities.
  • Staff available 24/7
  • Close contact is maintained with mental health service clinical staff through the relevant Case Manager.
  • Staff will assist in finding long-term accommodation.

Accommodation Rates

The cost is approximately 25% of the resident’s income. This includes the accommodation and a light breakfast.


Cannington Accommodation Unit
Address 73 Mallard Way Cannington WA 6107
Ph 08 9358 1256
Fax 08 9358 1356
Mob 0405 500 852
Medina Accommodation Unit
Address 61 Ougden Way Medina WA 6167
Ph 08 9419 1741
Fax 08 9419 2913
Mob 0404 849 453
Midland Accommodation Unit
Address 7 George Street Midland WA 6056
Ph 08 9274 0888
Fax 08 9274 0808
Mob 0410 504 958

House Rules

  • To help you with your recovery and for the benefit of all residents the CSRUs and Accommodation Units are alcohol and illegal drug free zones.
  • For your safety, threatening, abusive or intimidating behaviour is not tolerated.
  • Continued non-compliance with house rules may result in a review of your residency