It’s been quite a year!

St Bart’s Annual General Meeting was recently held on October 21 at the Wollaston Conference Centre, where our Interim CEO and Chairperson revealed what an exciting year of change, growth and success it has been for the organisation.

Interim CEO Joe Calleja and Chairperson Michael Brown reflected on the past 12 months at St Bart’s. As we continue to evolve our brand to be more in line with the needs of our local community, the people we serve and our team as a whole, it has been a time that has really allowed us the opportunities and challenges to grow.

Over the past 12 months we have worked to transform our support services to a more recovery focused practice.

  • Our focus on integrating services has resulted in key initiatives including the introduction of the Integrated Services Manager to bring together mental health and accommodation services, and the implementation of quality accreditation for the whole organisation.
  • A change of focus in our Mental Health Recovery Villages has seen a number of long term consumers build greater independence and successfully move in to stable accommodation in the community.
  • Expansion of the Women’s Service was made possible by an increase in corporate and philanthropic support, and our BHP-funded Reconnecting Lives Program – which commenced in October 2018 – currently has a success rate of 100% of clients maintaining their accommodation for at least six months from initial placement.
  • Our Aged Care services in James Watson and in the community continue to assist people to live a valued life in the community or in a residential setting where their needs are the central focus.

We are grateful for the support we receive from our volunteers, donors, corporate and philanthropic partners, suppliers, referral partners, community groups, schools, parishes, clubs and alliance who help us carry out our important work.

Together, we are a strong brand that we can all be truly proud of.