Accommodation Units

Locations: Cannington, Midland, Medina. This service provides short-term community based traditional or respite accommodation for adults aged 18 years and older who are living with a mental health challenge.

People referred to this service may be experiencing a social crisis, require respite or be homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Who is eligible?​

Consumers must –

  • Be referred by a recognised health service.
  • Be linked with a community mental health team for case management and clinical support
  • Be aged 18 +
  • Be living with a mental health challenge
  • Be homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Be willing and able to live in shared accommodation
  • Be prepared to sign an Individual Recovery Agreement and identify and work towards their goals including longer-term accommodation


The accommodation units are duplex properties, which have 6 single rooms with shared facilities and offer accommodation for up to 12 months.

  • Staff on site 9.00am – 9.45 pm with out of hours emergency contact numbers provided
  • Support to develop independent living skills
  • Support to manage mental health challenges and live a meaningful life
  • Support to find longer-term accommodation

Accommodation Units Rates

  • The rent will be 25% of your income, plus any rent assistance that you are entitled to
  • There is an additional utilities charge to cover the cost of electricity, gas and water
  • There is an exit fee payable, to cover any cleaning and/or repair costs after exit

Rules and Expectations

You must be willing to adhere to the conditions of the Licence to Occupy Agreement, Accommodation Rules and Charter of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities. The essence of which is to engage with the support program and work towards finding longer-term accommodation, be respectful of staff, other consumers and St Bart’s property and be willing and able to live in a shared environment.


Applicants, who meet the requirements of the criteria, are eligible to be referred for accommodation. You can self-refer or be referred by general practitioners, hospitals and external agencies. You or the referring service are required to complete a Referral Form. 
Submit this form by e-mail to: