Christmas at St Bart's

We need your help to be someone’s light this Christmas.

This will be Tamara’s third Christmas without her 7-year-old daughter, and even longer without her 12-year-old son.

“It just takes that one event to turn your whole life upside down,” Tamara says. That event took place three years ago when she and her daughter travelled from Geraldton to Perth and moved in with her former partner, while her son stayed with her mother up north.

“I wasn’t even there a week before he put me in hospital,” she said. “That relationship and the domestic violence I was put through changed everything for me.”

It took three months to get a restraining order against her former partner, and once she got it she and her daughter were able to move back into the house that they had been kicked out of. However, with this came a $12,000 debt in unpaid rent.

Trying her best to stay afloat, Tamara became more and more stressed when the Department for Child Protection got involved, and eventually lost both her daughter and her home.

In January 2021, Tamara was successful in her application for accommodation at St Bart’s Women’s Service.

“Since I’ve been here I’ve been doing a lot better. Things are slowly starting to fall into place.”

Never missing her weekly 2-hour supervised visits with her daughter, Tamara has been advised that she will very soon be able to enjoy unsupervised time with her in the community. She has also applied for a unit within St Bart’s Community Housing, with the hope of creating a stable home environment for both of her children.

“I’d love to be able to have my children come over, to cook up a storm and be somewhere they can see where I have my own space. As much as I like seeing my daughter moving forward (with her foster family), she needs to see me moving forward as well.”

A donation today will help us continue to provide accommodation and support for people just like Tamara, who can now hope for a brighter future with their families.