Home Care

Helping seniors who are experiencing uncertainty or insecurity within the home when there is no other support network to lean on.

We understand the sense of comfort that comes with staying in your own home for as long as possible. This is why we have tailored our Home Care service to help you maintain an independent and fulfilled life.

Our service extends to working with prematurely aged people with special care needs who are socially isolated and struggle to deal with the challenges of living on their own.

Our extensive list of services covers all facets of everyday care and living requirements. We will discuss your needs and desires to find the perfect solution for you, and adapt as these change over time.

Services include:

  • domestic support such as cleaning, laundry, cooking and gardening,
  • community support such as shopping and transport,
  • health support such as nursing, dietician, physio and help with medication.


Who is Eligible for our Home Care Service?

St Bart’s Home Care service specifically caters to those who are either financially and socially disadvantaged or have been referred by their GP or local hospital.

To be eligible you will need to be assessed and approved by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

Phone:  1800 200 422

Next Steps

  1. From the services we offer, consider how we can help you.
  2. Ensure your ACAT assessment is up to date and you have your approval letter.
  3. Call the St Bart’s Home Care team to discuss your options.
  4. Book at at-home appointment with a St Bart’s Team Leader.

Queries or to begin the referral process

St Bart’s Home Care
Telephone: 9323 5168