Karlene’s world of colour

My name is Karlene and art has helped me to push past some really hard times in my life.

I have my own way of expressing my feelings through art, and it’s just one of the things that is helping me with my recovery.

I identify as LGBTIQ and you can see that the vibrant colours associated with this community are reflected in my artworks. Putting all of the colours together is what I really enjoy about the process.

Depending on how I’m feeling on the day, it takes me an average of four hours to complete a canvas. A lot of passion goes into it and I find it really therapeutic.

People tell me they enjoy looking at my art and encourage me to display them at art functions. I’ve actually sold my work in the past and have made close to $1000.

One thing is for certain – I will always be doing art because it makes me happy and I feel at peace and a sense of healing within me.

I have a dream that one day I can maybe make a living from selling my art, and I hope that everybody that sees my work loves it.


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