Stories from people we support

Priscilla in her own home

Priscilla hits major milestones

Priscilla has plenty to celebrate in October 2020. After a year of commitment and persistence, she is now settling into her own home. She joined St Bart’s five months ago after spending six months at Harry Hunter Rehabilitation Centre. Priscilla was accepted into our Women’s Service the same day she …

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From the street to life coach

The fear and vulnerability of living life on the streets is expressed beautifully by Matt Vapor, an educated man and professional speaker who also knows what it is like to be homeless. Matt recently shared his story with new employees at an induction in August, and feedback from attendees was …

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Positive vibes only for Milly

After enduring a bad relationship at the age of 54, in an act of self-defence, I found myself behind bars and it was the darkest place I ever thought I’d be. Upon my release I was provided accommodation through another service but found I was having trouble reintegrating. In fact, …

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Alma turns 100!

It’s 9am and Alma, one of our Home Care consumers, is at her usual haunt, Joe’s Bakery, steadily making her way through a mini sausage roll, party pie, and a large coffee. For someone who recently celebrated turning 100 on July 7, her appetite is so impressive it’s hard not …

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St Bart's 6PR interview with resident Kym and CEO

Kym speaks up

Just before she embarked on her new journey interstate, we sat down with our Women’s Service resident Kym to talk about how she found herself facing homelessness. “I moved to Perth from Melbourne because I had lived here previously and thought there would be more opportunity for work – less …

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Carissa’s journey of hope

After falling in with the wrong crowd in her early teens, Carissa was drinking by the age of 14 and expelled from high school. By making better choices, she returned to school and graduated in 2005 with a Certificate III in Community Services, going on to work in childcare for …

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Robbie’s story

Robbie’s story is one of resilience and determination, and one we really wanted to share with our St Bart’s community. Robert “Robbie” North came to St Bart’s in October 2019, at the age of 33. As a child, he suffered burns to 85 per cent of his body which has …

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Teresa pays it forward

Meet the lovely Teresa, who joined us at St Bart’s towards the end of 2019 as her mental health began to decline. We sat down with her for a quick chat about how she came to St Bart’s and her journey so far. Here’s her story: Towards the end of …

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