Spirit of Christmas at St Bart's

We need your help to keep the Spirit of Christmas alive for the women, men and children in our community who need it most.

For many of us, Christmas holds special memories of warmth, family, and feelings of being connected to our loved ones. For some, it sadly holds memories of trauma that only time, and support from services like St Bart’s, can begin to heal.

It was on Christmas Day last year when Sarah and her 12-year-old daughter Ella found themselves homeless after living in a domestic violence situation. The next four months were spent couch surfing with friends and family while Ella continued in her first year of high school as though nothing had happened.

“I was crying my eyes out one night in the bathroom, not knowing where we were going, and I just hung my head in hurt, shame and frustration thinking everything was such a mess,” Sarah said. “I thought Ella was asleep but she came in and lifted my head up and said, “Mum, life is an adventure with you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”” 

A contact at the Department of Community Protection helped Sarah and Ella team up with St Bart’s, and the inseparable pair have been able to call St Bart’s Family Service “home” since April.

A donation today will help us continue to provide accommodation and support for families, just like Sarah and Ella who, without St Bart’s, may face trauma rather than a celebration this Christmas.

Help us share the Spirit of Christmas.