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St Bartholomew Feast Day celebrations

Celebrations for the Feast Day of St Bartholomew started a day early this year, with a special prayer for the homeless at a beautiful service at St George’s Cathedral on Sunday August 23. Our very own Chaplain Ross Jones, along with volunteer Chaplains, acknowledged the staff and supporters of St Bart’s for walking alongside those they support and giving them hope.

The following day, on August 24, we celebrated the Feast Day of St Bartholomew, with members of St Bart’s community gathering for a thanksgiving service led by The Most Reverend Kay Goldsworthy, Archbishop, who acknowledged there are many in our community who don’t have a safe place to sleep at night.

“We are gathering here for one particular reason; we want everyone to feel safe, we want everyone to have somewhere they know they are loved and that they are valued,” she said, thanking St Bart’s staff and volunteers for the support they provide on a daily basis.

Following the service, Archbishop Kay had a tour of our Women’s Service and the opportunity to talk to residents and learn about their experiences with homelessness. Our Chaplain Ross Jones was also a special guest on Sonshine FM’s Mornings segment, speaking with announcer Chris ‘Lockie’ Lock about a number of our programs, including our Women’s Service.

If you missed Ross’ interview, you can listen here-