Your feedback is important to us

At St Bart’s we value and welcome your feedback, it helps us improve our services and recognise the things we are doing well.

We welcome the following types of feedback:

  • Complaint - You have a problem or have had a negative experience with our service.
  • Suggestion - You have an idea that may help improve our service.
  • Compliment - You are happy with our service, a staff member or volunteer.

How to send us your valuable feedback:

All feedback received will be followed up with the utmost importance. You can choose to disclose your contact details or remain anonymous if that’s your preference. After you have lodged your feedback, we’ll send you an acknowledgment.

Please download our feedback form here and send by Email: or by post to Address: St Bart’s – Chief Operating Officer, 7 Lime Street, East Perth, WA, 6004

Alternatively, use the online feedback from below.

Online Feedback form.