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St Bart’s is a registered Community Housing provider with the WA Department of Communities under the Community Housing Regulatory Framework.

Community Housing

Community Housing is social housing that is managed by not-for-profit organisations like St Bart’s to assist low income earners with secure, sustainable and affordable rental housing. To be eligible for Community Housing, applicants are required to be on the Department of Communities Joint Wait List and meet Public Housing income criteria.

We manage 71 Community Housing properties, of which 54 are single units co-located with our head office at Lime Street, East Perth. The other 17 homes are located around the Perth metropolitan area.

Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program is a specialist housing service that provides low cost rental housing for adults with chronic and complex mental health challenges who can independently access local mental health services.

To be eligible for the Independent Living Program, tenants must be receiving support from a clinical team, GP or private psychiatrist and be capable of living independently in the community with support in place.

We manage 75 Independent Living Program properties and support ILP tenants to maintain their tenancies and work towards recovery using a supportive landlord model.

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