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For the past 13 years, Aaron has been a beloved member of the St Bart’s community housing in East Perth. Known for his infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm for life, Aaron’s positive energy uplifts those around him. However, it’s his passion for sports that truly sets him apart.

A massive sports enthusiast, Aaron’s exceptional knowledge of various sporting events and teams is unparalleled. His love for sports is evident in every conversation, and his excitement is contagious.

In 2023, Aaron decided to take his passion to the next level by launching his very own sports show on YouTube – The Real Deal Cleal Show. His dream? To interview a player from his favorite team, the Perth Wildcats. It was a bold endeavor, but Aaron was determined to make it a reality.

With the support of St Bart’s, a call was made to the Perth Wildcats, urging them to join Aaron on his journey. To everyone’s delight, the Wildcats agreed to make Aaron’s dream a reality.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Captain Jesse Wagstaff graciously accepted Aaron’s invitation and joined him on The Real Deal Cleal Show. The interview was a success, and left Aaron on top of the world!

But Aaron’s ambitions don’t stop there. With the success of his first interview under his belt, he has big plans to interview more sporting stars in the future. And now, with his own website launched, Aaron is determined to make his show bigger and better.

Congratulations, Aaron, on your remarkable journey and the success of The Real Deal Cleal Show. Your passion, perseverance, and positivity serve as an inspiration to us all. We eagerly anticipate the exciting interviews and achievements that lie ahead for you.

Watch his full interview here: (1) The Real Deal Cleal interview with Jesse Wagstaff, Captain of the Perth Wildcats – YouTube

See his new website here: The Real Deal Cleal | Sport News (

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