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MG Corporation Executive Chair Lawford Benning and St Bart's CEO Samantha Drury stand by a St Bart's sign that reads: "we're by your side"

St Bart’s commitment to being a culturally safe and competent organisation for all people who live with, work with and visit us has strengthened through our new partnership with Kununurra-based MG Corporation.

MG Corporation was established in 2006 to receive and manage the benefits transferred under the Ord Final Agreement (OFA) to the Miriuwung and Gajerrong (MG) people, who are recognised under Australian law as holding native title over large areas in the north of Western Australia’s East Kimberley region.

As one of the leading Indigenous organisations in the East Kimberley, MG Corporation is committed to building a strong economic and social base for MG people by pursuing an inclusive economic development agenda while protecting and enhancing MG culture and heritage.

Through this innovative and exciting partnership, St Bart’s will support MG Corporation in their endeavours to provide MG people who visit Perth from the East Kimberley with sustainable employment opportunities and support their upskilling in a safe, culturally competent environment. Similarly, MG Corporation will work alongside St Bart’s to improve and enhance our organisation’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency, knowledge, awareness, understanding and practices to enhance our workplace culture, with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

One of the key highlights of this new partnership is the guidance and support MG Corporation will provide St Bart’s as we refine our plans to redevelop the site of our inaugural home at Brown Street in East Perth.

St Bart’s has been undergoing a co-design process with stakeholders from across the homelessness sector for our 3,000sqm Brown Street site to assess redevelopment options that will address areas of greatest need in the homelessness space. As redevelopment plans are fine-tuned, the partnership with MG Corporation will help inform a culturally safe built and natural environment at the new premises, sustainable career opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and ensure the physical, emotional and psychological safety of all people.

St Bart’s Chief Executive Officer Samantha Drury said the important partnership with MG Corporation would enable both organisations to enhance their respective capacities and capabilities, particularly with regard to the Brown Street site redevelopment.

“We are bringing forward our exciting plans for the redevelopment of Brown Street and see MG Corporation as key partners in championing the social, cultural, physical and emotional wellbeing of all our communities,” Ms Drury said.

MG Corporation Executive Chair Lawford Benning said: “This is a wonderful development where we as a corporation can learn from the leadership and experience of St Bart’s.

“It is our hope that the partnership allows us as an Aboriginal Corporation to continue to grow and be at the forefront of social change here in the East Kimberley.

“MG Corp has the aspiration to lead social change for all of our respected members (and) we see this partnership with St Barts as a critical part of our journey where two way learning is transferred.”

For more information about MG Corporation, please click here.

Pictured: MG Corporation Executive Chair Lawford Benning and St Bart’s CEO Samantha Drury

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