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A group of people sit along a long set of tables, all leaning in and waving down the corridor they create. The image has a play button on top showing it is a screen capture from a video.

“I haven’t tasted this in years!” said one recipient as they spotted the jar of Moccona coffee in their hamper.

“I used to be able to afford this stuff!” added another, when she spied the Body Shop products.

The first responses to the Christmas hampers from our residents have started filtering through to us here at St Bart’s, and we couldn’t be happier with the feedback.

Each year, our outstanding volunteers, Anglican Parish community, school and corporate groups rally to donate and sort items, pack bags and deliver these hampers to our 500-plus residents. More often than not it is the only gift these men, women and families receive at Christmas.

From toiletry items and Christmas treats such as fruit mince pies, lollies, tea and coffee, right through to socks, flip flops, activity books and perfumes, every hamper is carefully prepared to ensure each resident receives both practical and special treat items.

“The general feedback from residents is their delight in the quality of the items,” says St Bart’s Recovery Consultant, Wanda Davies.

Inviting residents of Swan Community Recovery Village into her office one-by-one to take their time to go through their hampers, Wanda said it was wonderful to see them getting into the spirit of Christmas by sharing their gifts with each other.

“It also gave the residents an opportunity to start conversations about their vulnerability around this time of year,” she said. “This sort of communication is so important in the journey to recovery for our residents.

Knowing that people are thinking about them at a time of year that really focuses on family makes an enormous difference in lifting their spirits.”

A special thanks to the following Anglican, corporate and school groups who donated, sorted, packed and prepared the hampers:

Anglican Parishes, Vermilion, BHP Western Australia, Essense of Australia, South 32, Mainroads WA, Fortescue Metals Group, Christ Church Grammar School, Hale School, City of Nedlands, North Metro TAFE, Bethanie Group, Department of Communities, State Solicitors, BN Investments, Schlam Group, DT HiLoad, Goollelal Greenwood Scouts, IWG Regus, Subud Perth, Sparke, RNOC, Willandra OSHClub – Willandra Primary School, Centrelink Morley, RAC, Anglican Schools Commission, Anglican Diocese Perth office

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