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Jack holds up the keys to his new red car which he stands in front of

Jack, one of St Bart’s Arnott Community Recovery Village residents, is looking forward to hitting the road after becoming the new owner of a generously donated Mazda Metro 121.

“I’m really happy to have been gifted this car. It will help me get a good job and I can visit my family more often,” Jack said.

The low maintenance 1998 hatchback was kindly donated by Johanna (pictured above with Jack).

Johnna said the car had been so good to her for many years and hoped donating it to a St Bart’s resident would equally make their life a bit easier.

“It is so reliable and cheap to run, so I hope it helps Jack out too,” Johanna said.

Thanks so much for your generosity, Johanna!

St Bart’s staff have assisted Jack to register his new car and source affordable insurance.

Happy driving, Jack!

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