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The front cover of St Bart's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan. It is a light purple cover with Aboriginal artwork by Teresa Miller down the right side.

St Bart’s is delighted to announce our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan was recently formally endorsed by Reconciliation Australia!

Our Reflect RAP is just the beginning of our ongoing journey towards reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities. It is an important step forward for our organisation and one we will build upon in the years ahead to tangibly contribute to reconciliation in Australia.

Aboriginal peoples are over-represented in the population of people experiencing homelessness in WA. In some of our services, more than half of our consumers identify as Aboriginal people. With this in mind, we recognise the special role St Bart’s must continue to play in championing an inclusive and supportive environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can thrive.

Our Reflect RAP outlines key deliverables and achievable actions between September 2022 – December 2023 that will promote reconciliation through our sphere of influence. We will do this by enhancing our clients’, staff, volunteers’ and Board’s understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures and histories. Our RAP will also be a catalyst for us to build respectful relationships with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders.

Ahead of seeking Reconciliation Australia’s formal endorsement of our RAP, we commissioned local Noongar artist, Teresa Yeridan Miller, to create an artwork for our RAP that conveyed the essence of St Bart’s. Titled Coming into Healing, the art features on the covers and throughout our RAP. Please take the time to read more about Coming into Healing and about Teresa on the inside front cover of our RAP. You will also find art from East Kimberley artist Ben Ward in the centre spread, adjacent to a piece celebrating our partnership with Kununurra-based MG Corporation. We partnered with MG Corporation in February this year to further assist us in being a culturally safe and competent organisation for all people who live with, work with and visit us. You can read more about Ben Ward and his Miriwoong Country piece on page eight.

We are looking forward to holding a formal event to celebrate our inaugural RAP before the end of the year. Equally, we look forward to the journey ahead as St Bart’s continues to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation.

To read St Bart’s Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan, please click here.

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