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Teo people with their arms wrapped around each other with big smiles on their faces. Overlayed on the photo is a St Bart's graphic that says: "saying G'day doesn't cost a thing. But it can bring change

October 8 marked St Bart’s very first Say G’day day – a campaign to highlight the positive impact a simple act of acknowledgment can make to the mental health and wellbeing of people doing it tough on Perth’s streets.

Take a moment and picture this… you’re living rough on the streets and everyone that walks past you averts their gaze, crosses the street, or makes an imaginary phone call to avoid making eye contact with you.

Homelessness doesn’t discriminate. No matter your age, race, sex or previous status – it can happen to anyone. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, so we invite everyone to join us in saying “G’day” the next time you pass someone living on the street.

“It costs nothing to simply acknowledge a homeless person by saying g’day,” says St Bart’s patron, Graham Edwards. “You will feel better for taking the time and your words may help make a true battler have a better day.”


ABC Radio picked up on the campaign and invited one of our Community Housing residents, Rhett, to interview on the WA Afternoons segment. Rhett provided his personal insight to how a lack of acknowledgement from the public while sleeping rough can have such a negative impact. You can have a listen here:

Say G’day. It’s the WA way!

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