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Aaron with a water bottle standing on the grass wearing a football uniform

He’s the boisterous Community Housing resident who has entertained us all with his enthusiastic greetings and the ability to make a new friend wherever he goes. This year marks Aaron’s 10th year with St Bart’s, which he has spent getting into shape for his debut footy season.

A mad Fremantle Dockers fan, Aaron was linked in with the Wembley Integrated Football Team (the Magpies) through his support worker.
Here’s what he had to say following his first season:

What was your most proud moment in the game?
Definitely kicking a goal for my team.

What was the most rewarding part of the season for you?
I liked meeting new friends, including players from other teams, learning new skills of the game, and the fact that it got me out of my apartment doing something.

Will you do anything differently next season?
I’ll train harder next season, kick more goals and get more disposals and tackles.

Since finishing the season, Aaron has taken on another new position as a St Bart’s Consumer Volunteer, so far helping out with prepping and cooking for Lime Street BBQ lunches alongside student and corporate volunteers.

“I’ve been here 10 years now so I wanted to give back to the organisation,” he said.

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