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A person holding a painted artwork

Currently residing at our Women’s Service, Yolanda has experienced mental health challenges for a number of years. She isn’t letting that get in the way of her art and the therapeutic benefits it provides her. “When I’m painting, I don’t notice the change in personalities,” says Yolanda. “I like bringing colours out in the canvas, and the idea of someone smiling at it.”

Having spent 26 years on the street, painting has not only been a source of comfort for Yolanda; it’s also provided a way for her to feed herself by selling her artworks.

Using acrylic, oil and felt pen on canvas, her pieces are bold and adventurous. Titled “My Little Monster”, the piece pictured here offers little snippets of different animals emerging from the surface.

Yolanda has since encouraged other residents to start painting for its therapeutic benefits, and pays it forward by donating her pieces to people with disabilities.

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