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Just before she embarked on her new journey interstate, we sat down with our Women’s Service resident Kym to talk about how she found herself facing homelessness.

“I moved to Perth from Melbourne because I had lived here previously and thought there would be more opportunity for work – less competition at my age. My plans to stay with a friend fell through because of the other person she was sharing a house with. I had limited money, was waiting on my Centrelink to start, and my money soon ran out after paying hostel rent expenses.

On the very last day when my money ran out and I knew I would be homeless that night, Tranby offered one night’s accommodation and that same day Danika, St Bart’s Women’s Service manager, also called and said she could get me in the following week. So I went back to the hostel and asked them if I could check in for a week and pay them on check out when my Centrelink was going to be paid. They said “yes”, and that’s how I found my way to St Bart’s.

Then COVID hit and I didn’t have any luck getting work and I couldn’t leave Perth. Any support I’ve needed, the staff here at St Bart’s have provided. That’s included any printing I needed so that I could apply for jobs, and they arranged for a lady to come and help me with my resume.

I feel I’m incredibly lucky because I didn’t end up on the streets, by pure fluke I think. This week I’m moving back to NSW with friends who have invited me to stay.”

Kym and St Bart’s CEO Sam Drury joined Gareth Parker in the Mornings studio to explain what we provide and to promote our Give Them Hope Appeal. You can listen to it here.

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