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Michael has struggled with the effects of negative thoughts throughout his life, however, it was after separating from his wife in 2012 when things started to get really bad.

Arriving in Perth in February 2018 without any photo ID, he found shelter at 55 Central Crisis Accommodation before coming to St Bart’s Future Homes (previously Crisis & Transitional) service in July.
“Things had been going alright, but because there were so many road blocks, or so I perceived, and I was waiting for surgery on my back and neck, I began drinking a lot to kill the pain and numb myself.”


I cried on the shoulder of one of my support workers, saying: “help me, help me”. I was a completely broken man. They really showed genuine concern and an awful lot of love, too.
Just having that support there helped me so much; being encouraged, and having appointments made for me to see the doctor here who did all the paperwork for me to go to a rehab. Support workers Michael and Rachael, and all the other staff, have given me nothing but encouragement and support. I’m just so grateful beyond words. You can’t measure my gratitude.

As days and weeks passed, I’ve just gotten stronger and stronger. I don’t overanalyse things anymore, which is what I did for the best part of my life. It’s really been a journey from the head to the heart.
I’ll always be a work in progress, but I am just so grateful for the mercy and forgiveness I’ve been shown. I certainly would not be here today without it.”

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