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Photo of Teresa smiling

Meet the lovely Teresa, who joined us at St Bart’s towards the end of 2019 as her mental health began to decline. We sat down with her for a quick chat about how she came to St Bart’s and her journey so far.

Here’s her story:

Towards the end of 2019 I was at home in Butler but I had declined in my mental health so my case manager thought St Bart’s might be a good idea. It’s really good here and I’m getting all sorts of support that varies for what’s happening throughout the day.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned on your journey?
Teaching process, teaching art again, raising my self-esteem.

Are there any particular activities that help you achieve a sense of wellbeing?
I studied art at TAFE, then went to university and did my Masters. I taught art at Bandyup Prison, and now I run a little workshop here on a Wednesday morning.
We’re looking at techniques on learning how to draw, the basics.
Other activities I find help include cooking and music. I like cooking curry.

Where would you like to be in a year’s time? (ie: do you have any short or long term goals?)
University – I’m making that a long term goal for now as I’ll have to look at pathways to study that will be more suitable for me. I’d like to study teaching or psychology.

How would you describe your experience since coming to St Bart’s?
Very good. People are friendly and I’ve made friends here. It’s a really positive environment. Being here is very helpful. I don’t feel so isolated or lonely, which are triggers for me.

If you’re comfortable, feel free to share more about your background here…
I’ve been sick for 14 years and hearing voices for about 9 years.

“I’ve made friends here and it’s a really positive environment.”
Having previously studied art at TAFE and completing her masters at university, Teresa is now helping other residents at our Sunflowers Village by running a weekly art workshop! 

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