News Story

WA Charity Direct impacting hundreds of lives

The support WA Charity Direct has provided to the people in our services over the past year is nothing short of incredible.

Not only did the funding provided by the charitable organisation deliver ambulance cover for 42 people, education and training support to 18, Home Starter Packs for 11, and ID assistance to 5, it also provided 3727 hearty breakfasts and 5681 warm cuppas at our onsite Café Lime.

WACD also answered the call for a number of recovery-led activities. From bikes, a basketball hoop and football, dumbbells and exercise equipment to an ancestry membership, art supplies and an Aboriginal play therapy mat for our Family Service, the impact of these items is truly immeasurable.

Feedback from our Recovery Support Workers highlights the powerful effects these donations are having on the people we support:

  • Increased self-esteem and independence
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Increased positive moods and energy
  • Promoted social interaction skills
  • Supported self-regulation
  • Preventing cognitive decline

On behalf of all St Bart’s staff and service consumers, thank you WACD!